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April 21, 2008

Musicals I'd Pay To See ...

Saddlebackgalactica First Hollywood discovered religion. With The Passion, Facing The Giants, and The Chronicles of Narnia raking in big bucks, it's now time for Broadway to get in on the action.

Here a few productions I'd actually buy tickets for.

Saddleback Galactica
No one does "epic" like Cameron Mackintosh (Les Miserables). The multi-venue stage morphs from Orange County to a celestial purpose driven galaxy over the course of the 73 minute seeker service, climaxing with the existential ballad "Am I A Baptist?"

Like Rent, but it's just people flaming each other in a chat room. It builds to "Hello Dino", a razzle-dazzle piano crescendo in which someone gets compared to Elton John.

The Falling (From Grace) Point
A Mel Brooksian comedy in which Randy, a Connector, falls for Beth, a Maven. Both sing the damnations of "John McArthur Park" and soon the whole world does too.

Second LifeWood
Think Cats, only with big smiles, bestsellers and B.S. (which, come to think of it would include cats). You'll be singing catchy tunes like "Swear To Me You're Not A Failure" for weeks.

Emergent Aliens
David Crowder is Ripley, because who else could nail the "You're So Over Produced" finale suspended from theatre lights and big screens while deconstructing the liturgy.

With apologies to: Sonia Kjawinski


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It was better than Cats... I'm going to see it again and again.

ha. me likee.

Pure, perfect, gleeful, sacred cow tipping.

More please!

I'm supposed to be listening to this speaker but instead am reading your blog. Now you've made me laugh Out Loud, in public! Thanks!

Saddleback Galactica sounds awesome. I just hope it includes a Pink Floyd laser light show in that existential finale.

That's funny right there!

Hmmmm. Marcus, I really like that. A Pink Floyd laser light show...would that be accompanied by the appropriate video clip from "The Wizard of Oz?"


Hey Randy,

My favorite musical EVER (And I'm a musical theatre geek at my core!! I'm one of those that knows all the songs from Oliver, Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, etc...total dorkdom!!) is Stephen Sonderberg's "Into the Woods." Have you seen or heard of it? It's still not quite as hip as the ones you are suggesting but then again, neither am I.

I'd pay to see "Emergent Aliens" & "The Falling Point". Pure Brilliance!

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